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Stock Market Investing

Our stock market investing page features various helpful resources for trading and investing in the stock market including futures, currencies, commodities, penny stocks and more. Our directory currently includes stock market newsletters, investment software, penny stock picks, trading indicators, and foreign currency trading programs (more to be added soon!).

Resources for Investing in the Stock Market

Stock Assault - professional artificial intelligence stock market software. Stock Assault is a financial analysis and investment program that combines technical analysis with neural network and genetic algorithms. It learns patterns from historical data, creating highly accurate systems to help you decide when to enter and exit positions. An excellent resource for investing in the stock market.

Forex Automoney - foreign currency trading without having to learn technical analysis, charts, plots, etc. Trade currencies on the foreign exchange using buy/sell Forex signals generated by real traders and professional Forex analysts.

Penny Stock Prophet - exclusive penny stock picks in the form of a weekly newsletter and alerts based on the stock trading strategies of the penny stock prophet.

Money Market Investing and Online Banking

If you are not already banking online, you should ask your local bank or brokerage to help you set up an online account. This will facilitate the money transfer process and allow you to manage your investments from your computer.

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